I decided I’m going to start to learn C++ so I can write some applications for the Wii. I didn’t know any C++ up till now. Most of my programming experience revolves around Java. I’m hoping that this site will help to guide along anyone else who wants to learn to program for the Wii, thus making the Wii’s homebrew scene even stronger.


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  1. MinTY replied:

    Hey I just saw your vid on making actual input to the Wii!!
    Impressive stuff, so it is sent from a computer then executed, amazing.
    Have you ever thought about making it work with motions too, it would be great to see customisable control of wii games, wii64 and maybe even gamecube. I ‘ve been tinkering with a program called Glovepie controlling emulators on windows with wiimote. I’m new to programming but I’d be happy to help on this great project and learn a bit of C or C++. Email me if you want

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