C++ or C?

Do any experienced Wii homebrew developers know whether C++ is the way to go, or if I should go with C? It seems like most of the libraries are written for C, so it might be a better idea to go with C. Also is C an easier language to learn? I do realize that the difference between C and C++ probably isn’t THAT much, but I guess its good to know which would be better for Wii (and possibly GP2X and Dreamcast) dev.



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  1. vader347 replied:

    go with C++. It is compatible with almost all of C code.
    Or you can learn both.

  2. Dan replied:

    definitely go w/ c++

    the overhead is so low that there’s no real reason to tether yourself to c – lots of devs use c++ for ds homebrew with no real penalty. and you can still use c libraries anyway.

  3. ruwani replied:

    With C++ you can go nuts and get into all kinds of knots. With C, because it’s simpler, it’s harder to get wrong. But, having said that, if you use C++ properly, it is close to art!

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