Help with wiiuse?

Can someone out there who’s pretty knowledgeable leave a comment with information about how to get wiiuse working? I’m messing around GRRLIB right now, and I was wondering if I could use wiiuse along with it, so as to use a rectangle drawn by GRRLIB as a sort of button.

First, I don’t understand why the Wiiuse api has methods listed as using “wiiuse” in the name, like wiiuse_init(), while methods in the GRRLIB template and the devkitPro Wii template have the method WPAD_init(). I’m also trying to figure out how to connect the wiimote so that I can enable IR and motion sensing with wiiuse, but the api for the method confuses me.

For example, the method for enabling IR is as follows:

void wiiuse_set_ir(struct wiimote_t* wm, int status);

I don’t know what to pass for the “struct wiimote_t* wm” argument. I’m still new with C++ so the syntax makes no sense to me. I think its a pointer, but then what exactly am I supposed to pass? I’m also confused as to how to initialize the wiimote. Do I have to use the find and connect methods? WPAD_Init() seemed to have my wiimote already connected properly.

Please help me out!



June 23, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. vader347 replied:

    I don’t the reason why all of the code for the wii has WPAD instead of wiiuse.
    It seams that
    starts IR tracking and wiiuse
    I would try looking at the source of a game like matching cards for information on using wiiuse.

    The API on the website is different than the one in the libogc.

  2. Anonymous replied:

    For the first function, input the array of wiimotes you have and the entry with the wiimote you want to change the status of. Then enter 0 or 1 for on or off.

    For example, if I wanted to turn the first wiimotes ir sensing on, I would type:

    wiiuse_set_ir(wiimotes[0], 1)

    Does that help?

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